iPhone: How To Fix Your Lightning Port If It Is Not Responding

iPhone: If you get your iPhone you will find that there are not many places where you can physically connect it to a device. Specifically, you only have a hole in the part of the base and that is the Lightning port that the vast majority of Apple mobile devices have. However, they are not waterproof and you may have a problem with the Lightning port on your iPhone or iPad. In that case, try the following tricks.

How to fix the Lightning port

We’ve told you before that the Lightning port belongs to you iPhone is the only physical connection to external devices. This means that there are no more ports to connect the device, so use Bluetooth or the Wi-Fi connection to connect your smartphone to other devices in the same network or environment. But we are going to focus on one issue that causes chills in the users of bitten apple device and that is Lightning port unresponsive.

In these cases it is important to stay calm as there are very simple solutions you can do yourself before making a drastic decision. The first thing to do to fix your Lightning port is your iPhone. Is it that simple? Well, sometimes restarting the terminal or shutting it down and leaving it idle for a few seconds is a solution enough to get everything back to its being.

Let’s move on to another solution to get the Lightning port working and that is to check the connection hardware. If the charger is bad or the cable is damaged, these are reasons enough to replace them and fix the problem with a few bucks so you can rest assured that your mobile is working properly.

But what if it’s not the phone, not the cable or the charger?

There is one solution to consider and that is proper port maintenance. This is important because it is a big forget when it comes to taking care of the terminal. You may think it is enough to wipe the screen and case with a cloth to keep your Apple mobile or tablet looking good. But the truth is, you have an extra job cleaning the port.

The truth is, you don’t have to do much as with a can of compressed air you can easily remove the dirt from the interior, or even gently make a pass with the SIM tray removal tool. If all else fails, in the worst case, send it to technical service if all of the above failed.

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