iPhone users report iOS 14 drains battery life – but there's a reason

After installing the new iOS 14 update, many iPhone users were dismayed by a sudden drop in battery life.

The mirror Many Apple owners have reportedly used Twitter to express their displeasure after their smartphone’s battery drained much faster than usual.

Since the launch of iOS 14 earlier this month, several frustrated users have turned to Twitter to discuss the issue.

One user wrote, “If you haven’t done the iOS 14 update yet; don’t. The battery drain is incredible. From 90% to 3% in one hour.”

Another added, “My battery kept me on the Pro Max forever, but since ios 14 my battery life has been crap.”

And one wrote, “IOS 14 PLS CAN YOU STOP DESTROYING MY BATTERY LIFE? I just want my phone to do it during the day thanks.”

However, not all of them may be lost.

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, a researcher at ZDNet, explained, “Installing a new operating system on an iPhone does a lot of things in the background, from indexing to recalibrating the battery. This can take hours or even days.

“Not only does this use power, but recalibrating the battery can create the impression that the battery is draining faster when it isn’t.

“In addition, there is the double factor that many app updates are carried out after a new version, combined with many new functions that may put more stress on an older handset.”

If you are concerned about your iPhone battery and it has been a few days since you updated to iOS 14, Mr. Kingsley-Hughes recommends checking the health of your battery.

He explained, “If you go to Settings> Battery> Battery Health and the message says this is good for maximum performance, it’s either just the normal problem or a bug.”


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