Home Tech iPhones restarted with iOS 14 are in danger

iPhones restarted with iOS 14 are in danger

iPhones restarted with iOS 14 are in danger

The iOS 14 update, which was recently released, is on the agenda due to both the e-mail issue and the browser problem. Such a system error had not been detected before. It was learned that thousands of users were in a difficult situation.

This software, in which the applications were aligned more regularly and the toolkit moved to the home screen, made many people laugh. The apps that users define as default are not yet compatible with iOS 14.

iOS 14 is on the agenda with email and browser problem

Users can open e-mails sent to them through Chrome or another browser. In this context, Safari is no longer the only option. Because default browsers can also be used as default e-mail applications.

Many Twitter users say that Google Chrome does not have a problem when using it as the default browser, but when you restart their phone, things like reading e-mails and clicking links are done with Safari. From this point of view, we can say that Chrome or any other browser set as default for these operations is disabled by Safari.

iOS 14 tarayıcı sorunu

An iOS 14 user restarting his phone cannot read his emails and open links with a browser that previously appeared as default (except Safari). Because the restarted iPhone model defines Safari as the default application again and operates with this browser.

The developers suggested users who wanted to get rid of this problem to delete the application named Apple Mail. There was no explanation from the Apple front regarding this issue. Have you had this problem too? We are waiting your comments.



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