Irish teacher 'stabbed in back' by school pupil, 13, 'during lesson' in Spain

The reported attack occurred around 10.45am local time at Monteagudo School in the southeast city of Murcia – the teacher is believed to be a 41-year-old Irish national

An Irish teacher was reportedly stabbed during a lesson in Spain

An Irish teacher has been stabbed by a 13-year-old pupil at a school in Spain, it has been reported.

He was taken to the hospital after reportedly being knifed in the back this morning during a class.

The reported attack occurred around 10.45am at Monteagudo School in the southeast city of Murcia.

The unnamed stabbing victim, described locally as a 41-year-old Irish national, is understood to teach English and technology at the boys-only school.

The nationality of the boy who allegedly attacked him is not yet clear.

Local reports describe the teacher as Irish and said he was knifed while at the chalkboard with his back to the class.

The pupil reportedly showed a classmate the blade before using it


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The teenager reportedly showed a classmate the weapon in the toilets before the attack.

One said the teacher had been stabbed three times by the pupil, who is thought to have been enrolled at the school last year.

The teacher was taken to Morales Messeguer University Hospital in Murcia for treatment, but his injuries have not been described as serious.

An investigation led by Spain’s National Police is now underway and the pupil was with specialist officers while youth prosecutors took a decision on his immediate future.

The force has yet to comment officially but a source claimed the teacher had been knifed in the ribs.

Parents described the school today as a “very peaceful and calm place” and said many were finding out from press reports what had happened.

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