Is Piers Morgan coming back to GMB? Presenter asks ITV to return after Ofcom clears him over Meghan comments

Piers Morgan could make a dramatic return to Good Morning Britain (GMB) after leaving the program after making comments on Meghan Markle.

The 56-year-old sensationally stormed off the ITV studio set when weather presenter Alex Beresford questioned his remarks about the Duchess of Sussex, saying Piers would continue to “devastate” her.

The star then left the show after an exchange on racism and mental health sparked by Meghan’s comments in an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Ofcom media regulator received tens of thousands of complaints about Piers’ comments, but he has now been acquitted after an investigation. And the star now wants his job back.

So when did Piers Morgan leave GMB, what did Ofcom say about his comments and is he returning to host alongside Susanna Reid? We’ll give you everything we know.

Is Piers Morgan coming back to GMB?

Former newspaper editor Piers Morgan asked ITV for his job in a post on the social media website Twitter, but it is not yet known whether company bosses have responded to his request.

Piers posted to his 7.9 million followers saying the ruling was an “overwhelming victory” for freedom of expression before writing, “Will I get my job back?”

Just a few days before Ofcom’s ruling, bookmaker Coral had a chance the presenter would return to the show at 4-5.

“It’s now been five months since Piers Morgan left Good Morning Britain and our bets suggest he could make a sensational return to the breakfast show on ITV,” said Coral’s John Hill the day star Newspaper. “We’ll give him the chance that he’ll be back in his seat before the end of the year.”

Much of the discussion surrounding Piers’ return to GMB revolves around the drop in ratings the show has seen since leaving.

Corresponding The independent one Newspaper saw only 451,000 people watching the breakfast program as of June 2 this year, compared with 1.9 million who watched the day before departure from Piers.

Why did Piers Morgan leave GMB?

In a documentary filmed in the United States with Oprah Winfrey, the Duchess revealed that she no longer wanted to live after mental health problems.

She also said a member of the royal family asked “how dark” her young son Archie’s skin color would be, but did not say who allegedly made the remarks.

After the interview was published, Piers told GMB viewers, which opened on Aug.

This resulted in a staggering 58,000 complaints at Ofcom, including from the Duchess herself.

The regulator opened an investigation, but has since come to the conclusion that Piers did not violate the Broadcasting Code.

What did Ofcom think of Piers Morgan’s comments?

Ofcom said, “This was a balanced decision. Mr Morgan’s comments were potentially harmful and offensive to viewers and we can see the strong public response to them. But we also took full account of freedom of expression.

“Our rules allow broadcasters to raise controversial opinions as part of a legitimate public interest debate, and the strong controversy of Mr. Morgan by other contributors provided an important context for viewers.

“Still, we reminded ITV to use more care in the future with content that discusses mental health and suicide. ITV might consider using timely warnings or signposting support services to ensure viewers are adequately protected. “

If you have mental health problems or need help with your mental health, the Samaritans can offer support. If you are in the UK or Ireland you can email 116 123. call [email protected] or visit the Samaritan website.

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