Is Windows 11 Worth It? Everything You Have To Know Before Downloading It

Windows 11 is already the present of personal computers. Finding one that still has Windows 10 is difficult but not impossible, but his thing is to bet on the new. However, it is quite normal that there are still users who have the doubt of whether to take the step or not and that is why we are going to solve today the question of whether Windows 11 is worth it.

What’s new in Windows 11?

This is one of the doubts that newcomers to the Redmond operating system have. Already in its day we told you all the news that Windows 11 brought and there are still many things that make Windows 11 worthwhile. Of course, on a visual level there are details that tell you that you are using a new operating system, although it is still signed of Redmond has details to polish.

Of course, the two great assets that the company plays with are security and compatibility. The first has been one of its workhorses that, in contrast, has become an essential requirement with the presence of the TPM chip that you have to have yes or yes.

The second improvement is the arrival of Android apps. It is a fact that Microsoft is returning to mobile devices and tablets, especially with the good health enjoyed by its Surface Pro range. With the growing incursion of touch screens, it is not crazy that the firm is betting on an alliance with the android system that, by the way, will arrive very soon in both apps and games.

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