Isobel Steele praises response to Emmerdale asexuality storyline

Emmerdale star Isobel Steele has praised viewers for her positive response to her recent story.

Her character Liv Flaherty recently confessed her asexuality, which is the first time the soap has had an asexual character.

Liv has always been open to her sexuality after revealing in 2019 that she was asexual.

Asexuality is defined as a person who is non-sexual and does not involve sexual activity, feelings, or associations.

The 20-year-old actress told Digital spy of the positive response she received as a flood of fans to thank her for normalizing asexuality.

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Isobel said, “I didn’t think it was as popular as it used to be.

“I’ve received a lot of messages saying thank you to the show.

“It was a big shock because I didn’t know how many people were affected.

“We’re doing well and breaking down the barriers. We do that as soap.

“I’m really proud to be a part of it.”

Emmerdale’s Liv Flaherty is currently in the middle of a gripping story of abuse between father and son Vinny and Paul.

The actress takes center stage in next week’s big stunt episodes when she finally sees Paul Ashdale’s real face after spending weeks in the dark about her on-screen boyfriend, Vinny, being violently abused by his father.

The revelation leads to a dangerous showdown between Liv and Paul and with confirmed a deathSpectators can expect explosive scenes.

Isobel added, “I think the writers did a great job not to align Liv’s personality entirely with asexuality.

“They could spread it across all the storylines and weave it into and out of their lives.”

Who is Isobel Steele?

Isobel Steele praises response to Emmerdale asexuality storyline 1

Isobel was born on December 28, 2000 in Salford, Greater Manchester, and Emmerdale is not her first acting job.

Before arriving in the Dales, Isobel appeared in advertisements for Park Foods, Iceland, Harveys Furniture and Bernard Matthews between 2008 and 2010.

She has been on the show for five years and is only 15 years old.

She then played the role of Barbara in Our Zoo and appeared in the short film A Father’s Day as a character named Chloe.

According to Isobel, Danny Miller, who plays Emmerdale’s Aaron and also her on-screen half-brother, is like a big brother to her in real life, too.

When she joined the show, Danny taught Isobel how to organize her scripts to make learning her lines easier, and showed her how to get into the role before filming by spending a little time being backstage prepare.


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