Isolation for Covid to be scrapped under Operation Rampdown, say reports

The 10-day isolation period for people who tested positive for Covid is reportedly to be deleted as well as Track & Trace and regular Covid tests.

The government is making plans for Covid to be treated like any other respiratory disease – like the flu The sun.

The paper said the plan was code-named Operation Rampdown.

Prof. Robert Dingwall of Nottingham Trent University told The Sun, “Treating Covid like any other respiratory infection should encourage people to alleviate the fear and anxiety that has plagued the country in recent years.”

Covid cases continue to rise – by more than 20 percent week to week – and the government is expected to announce that a third dose of the vaccine will be offered to those under the age of 50 starting today.

Conservative Party leader Oliver Dowden said today it was up to the public to see if there were any restrictions on Christmas – and said we won’t need them if enough people are vaccinated.

Increasing case numbers have led to new lockdowns in Austria and the Netherlands in recent days.

Operation Rampodown wouldn’t come into effect until next year – likely after the winter surge in Covid and flu that will put tremendous pressure on the NHS.


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