Israeli spies ‘sabotaged Hamas’ rockets so 20% failed to go off properly’

Israeli spies may have “displaced” hundreds of rockets before firing from Gaza, it was alleged today.

A senior Western intelligence source said Mossad activists likely targeted the missiles when parts of Iran were being smuggled into Gaza or the Palestinian enclave itself.

The allegations were made when Israel and Gaza entered into battle on the third day of a shaky ceasefire in which 248 Palestinians and 12 Israelis were killed.

Almost 2,000 Palestinians and hundreds of Israelis were also injured.

A record number of Iran-made missiles that have been fired in Gaza or crossed the Israeli border have been alleged.

Up to 16% of the 4,360 missiles allegedly failed to reach Israel during the 11-day cross-border missile exchange between the sides.

The 680 dropouts, alleged to have resulted in some civilian deaths in the Gaza Strip, meant the Israeli Iron Dome defense system had crushed 90% of incoming Hamas rockets.

According to a source, the Spiegel’s spies may have tampered with the guidance systems, engines, warheads or explosives in the missiles.

After the armistice between Israel and Gaza

Debris in Gaza

The source claimed, “Israel has probably the most pervasive spying ability in the world. The intelligence services have carried out some breathtaking operations deep in enemy territory, including the assassination of Iranian scientists.

“It is very likely that some of these missiles were intercepted and tampered with.”

The operation probably took place months ago as the Gaza Strip militants had 12,000 Kassem, Kornet and Badr missiles in store for years.

Superintendent Ofer Solomon with the rocket remains at the Ashdod Police Station that was fired into Israel by Hamas

Israel claims Hamas has enough rockets for another two months.

It comes as Israel revealed details of its £ 1 billion Fortress of Zion war bunker in Tel Aviv, which was used for the first time in this final exchange with Gaza.

War chiefs used 3D technology to achieve targets in Gaza when Israeli forces tried to eradicate Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the deterioration in Hamas’ military power from air strikes was an “extraordinary success”.

Israeli spies ‘sabotaged Hamas’ rockets so 20% failed to go off properly’ 1

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In response, he promised “new levels of strength” and added: “If Hamas thinks we would tolerate a drizzle of rockets, that is wrong.”

However, Hamas has spoken of the “euphoria of victory” and its leader Ismail Haniyeh said the conflict has “opened the door to new phases in which many victories will take place”.

Today the affected Gaza residents were counting the cost of the conflict and many streets were reduced to rubble.

The commercial center of al-Wahda Street is a rubble street. On one fatal night, families were wiped out and 42 Palestinians were killed, including eight children. Mahmoud al-Qawlaq’s family died, including his brothers, cousins, uncles and nephews. He was saved 30 feet on his escape.

He said, “It was around 1:00 am and we heard explosions everywhere. Missiles rained on our houses without warning.

“I ran out of my house and was afraid it would be bombed. I was lucky.”

Back in Israel, police chief Ofer Solomon (36) yesterday showed the up to 10-foot-long mirror rockets that hit the city of Ashdod, 32 km south of Tel Aviv.

He said: “It is a mystery why they did not fly any further. Most of them are gathered in Gaza. I cannot say what happened.”

During the Gaza lightning bolt he revealed that he had taken cover from his car when splinters burst his tires.


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