Israeli warplanes smash Gaza after Hamas launches scores of 'firebomb balloons'

Israeli warplanes smashed targets in the Gaza Strip overnight after Hamas launched cross-border attacks with dozens of “fire bomb balloons”.

During the first major flare-up since the last eleven-day missile exchange, which ended in a ceasefire, Gaza was again air-raided in a ten-minute lightning strike.

The Israeli military targeted Hamas buildings after up to 20 fires were lit near Israeli communities near the Gaza border.

In revenge for an Israeli nationalist march, Hamas shot helium balloons and kites with burning fuel and explosive devices across the border.

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The rally took place in East Jerusalem after the police canceled it the previous week. In recent years, militants have frequently sent helium balloons and kites with containers of burning fuel and explosive devices across the border with the Gaza Strip.

The devices have caused hundreds of fires in Israel and burned thousands of acres of forest and farmland.

Yesterday, in another major incident, Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian driver trying to ram them in the occupied West Bank and then waved a knife.

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The fire balloons burned farmland in at least 13 different locations, reports Israeli media

The Palestinian Ministry of Health said the woman died from her injuries.

Nothing was known of Israeli victims.

Tensions have risen following Tuesday’s Jewish nationalist march in Jerusalem.

The Israeli military said the Palestinian woman “tried to ram into a line of IDF (Israel Defense Forces) soldiers” near the Palestinian village of Hizma, northeast of Jerusalem.

The balloons are filled with flammable liquid

The military said: “After trying to ram the car, the attacker left their vehicle with the knife drawn … The soldiers responded with fire at the attacker and neutralized him.”

There has been an increase in violent incidents in the West Bank in recent weeks.

Last Thursday, Israeli special forces killed an Islamic Jihad fighter and two Palestinian security guards in an exchange of fire in the city of Jenin in the northern West Bank.

A Palestinian prepares a fire balloon to take off from the Gaza Strip towards Israel

Two Palestinians were killed in various incidents on Friday and Saturday.

the first during a clash with Israeli forces in the West Bank and the second during a knife at the military checkpoint near Jerusalem.


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