It gets new buttons that make Gmail for Android easier

The Gmail app for Android devices has new buttons to make it easier to copy and paste email addresses. To view them, simply press one of the email addresses. This will bring up a new window that, in addition to the email, contains the user’s name and two commands: copy and delete.

As the name implies, the first option copies the content to the clipboard. The delete button in turn removes the email address from its respective field. As you can see in the comparison below, the old button was placed in a window that only contained the selected email address and the Copy and Cancel options.

In a test conducted by the XDA Developers website, the novelty was identified in the Galaxy Note 20 in Gmail version 2021.02.05.357775197. However, the same version did not have the buttons on the Mi 10T Pro smartphone. As announced by Android Police, the novelty is not available to all users.

This could indicate that the buttons will be implemented through a future update, or even that they are part of an A / B test – which consists of comparing two versions of a program and testing them to see which is the best performs and converts.

It’s worth remembering that the new buttons follow other changes recently made to the application, making it possible to edit Office attachments without downloading them and getting new filters for advanced search.

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