It’s Not Just the Supreme Court That’s at Stake

2016 SOU

When Republican Senators Mitt Romney and Lamar Alexander – once again profiles crouching – come together, Republican Senate Chairman Mitch McConnell has the votes to confirm Trump’s nomination to succeed Ruth Bader Ginsberg in the Supreme Court.

Less than two months before a presidential election, Donald Trump elected without a popular majority and a majority in the Republican Senate Representing a minority of Americanswill nominate and confirm a right-wing, pro-business social conservative for a lifelong appointment that will be carefully scrutinized by partisan, ideological groups. Given the planned defeat in the upcoming elections, Trump and Republican activists are organizing more than just that Create chaos around the election; You are keen to fill the Supreme Court with another right-wing activist associated with views that conflict with majority opinion.

There is no shame. The apparent hypocrisy of endorsing a judge so close to the election after Republicans blocked Obama’s candidates months before the last election doesn’t matter. Her self-righteous lectures on how the American people should have a voice were just mush. Appeals to good faith or institutional restraint are despised.

There can be no illusions. This is who they are. A minority party based in small, predominantly white states and in the south, which advocates a failed ideology and pledges to do everything to keep power or at least thwart the will of the majority. McConnell demonstrated that everything in his scorched earth was obstructed by Obama during the Obama years. Trump shows this in his brazen efforts to instill racial fears and in his confidence that the country will be divided as a core political strategy.

Democrats and activists have responded to the court’s pack by asking Senate Democrats to use whatever mechanism they can to stop the affirmation and, if they win in November, counter the stolen Supreme Court seats by either calling the court a Elie extend Mystal pleaded for it here or set term limits.

The question is much broader. Democrats – and Joe Biden in particular – must discard any illusions that once Biden has been ousted, Biden says that Republicans will have a “revelation” and will work together in bipartisan efforts to address the crises we are facing.

Do not believe it. If the Democrats win the White House and Senate majority, McConnell and Republicans will reunite in a relentless campaign of obstruction. Given the country plagued by growing crises – the pandemic, catastrophic climate change, extreme inequality, racial injustice, and endless wars – large-scale, courageous and dramatic action is vital. The country cannot afford the McConnell license to hamper progress again.



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