ITV GMB Susanna Reid embarrassed after misnaming person live on show

Unfortunately, sometimes there can be glitches on live television that we all notice – even on some of the biggest shows.

And GMB recently had a mishap of its own in which Susanna Reid misnamed the Tory chairman on the ITV show.

During a debate with Daily Mirror Associate Editor Kevin Maguire and Daily Mail columnist Andrew Pierce, Susanna and Ben Shephard discussed possible successors for Gavin Williamson MP in the role of Minister of Education.

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Andrew suggested Jeremy Hunt MP, who Kevin did not disapprove of before Andrew also suggested Liz Truss MP, whom Kevin called a “show pony” that fomented “culture wars”.

The Mirror reports that Susanna had commented: “I think it is important to have a foreign minister who knows the state system.”

While Andrew and Kevin debated Liz Truss, Susanna commented, “What about Amanda Millman?”

Andrew corrected Susanna and said: “Milling”.

Kevin, Andrew, and Ben all burst out laughing at Susanna’s slip as the camera snapped at her with her head in hand as she looked humiliated at her slip and stared at the camera.

Susanna said softly: “Amanda Milling …”

Kevin remarked, “You got Amanda a little right.”

“I know, I’ll be there,” said Susanna. “Sorry, Amanda Milling.”

Ben joked that we needed “another coffee for Reid”.

Susanna commented, “I wouldn’t pass an exam on who the Tory chairman is, would I?”

At the beginning of the show, Susanna recalled interviewing Amanda Milling MP herself after Andrew called Milling “hopeless” and that her own party MPs forgot she was the party’s chairman.

Susanna shook her head when Andrew asked if she knew Amanda Milling was in her role as chairwoman.

“I’m really sorry, I think we interviewed Amanda Milling on that show,” said Susanna.

“I knew it,” Susanna insisted, but had forgotten.

She added, “I don’t see them often and not as often as … I don’t see them as big …”

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