Jack Reacher 3: Is It Coming Back For A Third Action Adventure?

Jack Reacher, based on Lee Child’s action thriller novel A shot was released in 2012. Following the success of the first franchise, a sequel, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, was released in 2016. This series of action films is written and directed by Christopher McQuairre.

Jack Reacher 3: Is It Coming Back For A Third Action Adventure? 2

Now the talks for the third chapter of the franchise have been circulating. The author of the novel series has already written a third book in 1999, for the Jack Reacher series. Anyone want to know if Jack Reacher 3 will be released soon?

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Will there be a Jack Reacher 3?

Unfortunately, the third edition of Jack Reacher is not coming out. The first two parts of the film did not receive much appreciation and mostly received mixed reviews from the critics. There is no discussion or official statement from the director regarding Jack Reacher 3.

Jack Reacher 3: Is It Coming Back For A Third Action Adventure? 4

But on the other hand a contract between Paramount and Sky-dance, Mission Impossible’s distribution and production company, have been signed. They discuss the production of a TV series revolving around Jack Reacher.

Amazon Studios has officially released a statement regarding the production of Jack Reacher TV series for Amazon Prime Video.

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Third book of the Jack Reacher series

The Jack Reacher series is based on the Lee Child series book. The third part in this series is tripwire. Written in the third person, the book shows Jack Reacher doing his best every day to hide his identity. He has two jobs: digging pools during the day and working in a bar at night.

Jack Reacher 3: Is It Coming Back For A Third Action Adventure? 6

Jack Reacher runs into a private detective, Costello, who is looking for him on behalf of a client. Later, during his working hours, he finds two suspicious men and tries to follow them. He finds Costello dead on the sidewalk.

He progresses to go to New York and find out why Costello was looking for him.

Jack Reacher TV Series

Even though the movie franchise for Jack Reacher is over, the character will live on in the form of a television series. However, we may not see Tom Cruise in the upcoming series. The book character of Jack Reacher is a man who is six feet tall, but in reality Tom Cruise is six feet tall.

Jack Reacher 3: Is It Coming Back For A Third Action Adventure? 8

Lee Child said in an interview:I have enjoyed working with Cruise. He’s a really nice guy. We had a lot of fun. But in the end, the readers are right. Reacher’s size is really important and it’s a big part of who he is.”

Nothing has been decided on the cast as of now, so we can make assumptions or statements. We’ll see who they cast as Jack Reacher.

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Plot of Jack Reacher TV Series

Since nothing has been confirmed about the Jack Reacher TV series, we can just assume what the plot could be for the series. One can say that they can take the plot from the movie or book and add details to make it a whole TV series.

It’s a shame we’re not getting Jack Reacher 3, but there’s a Jack Reacher TV series coming up!! If you like the action thriller genre, you should definitely check out the first two parts of Jack Reacher.

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