James Corden gets candid about anxiety during coronavirus: 'It’s OK right now'

James Corden’s closing comments on his special Monday night really got, well, home.

The host of “Late Late Show” concluded “Homefest: A Late Late Show Special” with a few words about the fear he feels as the nation struggles with quarantine and the corona virus.

“It was a welcome break, I hope, for you, as it was for me during what were a few scary weeks,” said Corden before revealing that he has been feeling “overwhelmed” lately.

“I’ve found it harder than I ever thought,” he continued. “I found myself having these incredible kinds of spikes of fear and sadness when I allowed myself to think about my family back home in England or my friends or the people I love. You feel so out of control. It feels like incomprehensible, everything that I have noticed that I am really so overwhelmed with sorrow. “

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While reminding viewers that there’s nothing wrong with getting stressed from time to time, Corden also stressed the importance of finding ways to stay happy.

“The truth is, I realized it’s okay now. You can feel a little sad. You can feel a bit anxious,” he said. “And the best thing we can all do is breathe a little bit through that and try to put our minds in a positive place and think, “What can I do to help someone else who might feel this way?”

Corden added that doing his show and contacting loved ones has worked wonders for his well-being.

James Corden gets candid about anxiety during coronavirus: 'It’s OK right now' 1

“Just because I’m talking to you tonight makes me feel a little lighter, and I’ve noticed that when I call friends or when I have FaceTimed, my parents or my sisters get in touch with someone else you think is also struggling is pretty much the best thing we can do now because we will absolutely get through this, ”he said. “We will, and that’s why we wanted to make this show – to try to share these feelings together, share music we love with people we love and know that despite being separate, we are united together . “

James Corden gets candid about anxiety during coronavirus: 'It’s OK right now' 2

Corden then introduced the show’s closing performance, ‘You Will Be Found’ by Ben Platt and the cast of Broadway’s ‘Dear Evan Hansen’. He kept returning to that song as the ideal choice, he said, because it “sums up how I feel so much of the day.”

Other guests on the special included Will Ferrell, John Legend, David Blaine and BTS.

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