Jellyfish Can Defy Death And Turn Back Time Automatic Rebirth can Truth Death and Move on in Back Time Movement !!

A loot knowledge feature called T. dohrnii is able to reverse the aging process. Researchers from Texas A&M-Galveston are trying to determine whether this may apply to humans.

The status automatically within immortal jellyfish; developmental phase, in order to regress the stage to Turritopsis dohrnii, the developmental phase can be earlier when injured or, conversely, threatened.

so-called immortal jellyfish by Turritopsis dohrnii, the can revert to an earlier stage of development when injured or otherwise threatened.

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jellyfish may not only appear to be a species that defies death, but has the power to vary its shape and truly reverse its aging during some sort of Back to the Future process, ongoing research in agreement with a Texas A&M University professor in Galveston.

A marine biology professor named Maria Pia Miglietta has researched the unique properties of Turritopsis dohrnii, often referred to as T. dohrnii, the world where a jellyfish is found, especially off the coastline of her native Italy. The jellyfish cells are ready to undergo a process called transdifferentiation, which allows T. dohrnii to revert to a younger life cycle – similar to a 40-year-old human who could revert to a five-year-old.

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When T. dohrnii is faced with adverse conditions such as starvation, physical damage, change in temperature, etc., instead of dying, it forms a cyst-like ball and settles at rock bottom, she said.

She said that over a few days that cyst turns into a polyp, and eventually these colonies form buds and a replacement jellyfish. In fact, it prevented his death.


When an adult cell matures, transdifferentiation takes place into another type of cell that is needed at that point, and it’s generally a critical step during regeneration, Miglietta said. So by studying transdifferentiation in T. dohrnii, we will better understand how transdifferentiation works in general.

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She said the method of transdifferentiation is poorly understood. One reason is that when transdifferentiation occurs, it occurs over several days.

know that the underlying genetics of the method make it difficult to work, she said. But it’s intriguing because this process allows T. dohrnii to escape death, turning it into a potentially immortal fish. So our ultimate goal is to know his life cycle and his genetics that will allow him to flee death.

Studied for its Legal Nature Just as the venom of certain snakes has potentially beneficial medical properties, the jellyfish has attracted worldwide attention in recent years.

facto to be loaded into analyzing jellyfish for his or her potential treatments for muscle diseases, genetic disorders, and even memory aids.

All about the story with the scientific angle, jellyfish are very simple invertebrates with weird and unique life cycles and capabilities, Miglietta said. understand that we are going to use them more to ask interesting questions. There are songs dedicated to them, famous TV shows mentioning them, short films, books and much more. they are mainly fashionable school-age children all over the world. we have created an internet site so that the interested public can read scientifically correct information.

Her work is supported by a $ 294,000 grant from the National Science Foundation.

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