Jennifer Arcuri says she had a four-year affair with Boris Johnson

Jennifer Arcuri says she fell in love with Boris Johnson during a four-year affair.

In one Worldwide exclusive interview with the Sunday MirrorShe said they met once a week at the height of the ‘affair’ and admits, “I loved him. I adored him. ”

Jennifer said there was a mutual “physical and intellectual attraction” – and they even shared a love for Shakespeare.

She says she codenamed him Alexander the Great.

But in the end, she says, he was a “cowardly wet noodle” because he didn’t stand in a row because of her presence on foreign trade trips.

Jennifer says the “romance” with Boris Johnson lasted from 2012 to 2016.

It was the second term of his tenure as Mayor of London and he was married to ex-wife Marina, mother of their four children.

Questions first surfaced two years ago when it was revealed that Jennifer, 35, was completing three taxpayer-funded trade missions led by Mr Johnson, 56.

She said, “We were in a close relationship for four years. I loved him and for good reason. But the man I thought I knew no longer exists. “

She thinks:

  • Boris openly took her to dinner in a London restaurant and said to her, “I want to go out with you, you are the only American I have ever imagined.”
  • They exchanged intimate messages, sometimes while he was mayor.
  • Shaking off concern about the public kissing, he said, “This is my town. I do not care. “

Jennifer spoke in an interview with the Sunday Mirror in her native America.

The Mirror reports that their revelations raise questions about public money and whether Mr Johnson has broken a code of conduct.

An investigation by the Greater London Authority is investigating whether he behaved with “honesty and integrity” and whether Jennifer received “preferential treatment”.

It will also check whether there was a conflict of interest that should have been reported.

Mr. Johnson spoke at a number of technology events organized by Jennifer. She then received £ 126,000 in taxpayers’ money for sponsorship and event grants.

Most of that money, £ 100,000, was funded by a government grant in 2019.

Jennifer says she was invited on her own trips as a member of the London tech scene.

Speaking of Boris’ failure to stand up for her after the trips came out, Jennifer said, “It’s embarrassing. What a kid. You can’t make a phone call and say,” Look, Jen, this is crazy, welcome to politics “?

“He’s just picked the cowiest, wettest noodle of approaches. This is who he is and it’s time we realized that.

“A great leader is charismatic, brave, and brave. I wouldn’t use any of these words to describe Boris Johnson. “

She told the Sunday Mirror that she did not fully understand the rules surrounding travel.

And she says she now thinks Boris should have declared the friendship.

She added, “I saw no reason why he shouldn’t declare me.”

Jennifer said she was a business student when she met the future prime minister at an event he was speaking at in 2011.

She said, “He entered the room with his hair disheveled. Then I saw Boris Johnson’s first real magic.

“He’d turn the whole room into some howling schoolgirls. I went straight to the top of the line. I said, ‘Hi, my name is Jennifer, if you don’t know me, now you do.’ ”

She later volunteered for him in his 2012 re-election campaign for London Mayor.

She told the Sunday Mirror that they met again on the so-called Boris Bus – and said he remembered her.

The businesswoman said on the occasion that they had exchanged numbers so that he could arrange to attend an event at her new company, Innotech.

“There was an obvious spark,” said Jennifer, saying that text messages were exchanged.

Jennifer said, “He said,” Boris is calling Jennifer. “Then he said,” You look good. “I wrote something back like,” You are welcome to look. “There was this immediate attraction on both sides, physically and intellectually.”

A few weeks before the Innotech event, Jennifer said Boris texted her and asked her to have a drink.

She saved the number of the mayor at the time as Alex the Great because his real first name is Alexander.

Jennifer said, “I remember a text that said,” Drink one day? “. I squealed. One of my male roommates said,” What kind of girl is Boris Johnson’s friends? “I remember everyone laughing. I didn’t really get it then.

“It has been suggested that I have a code name for the Mayor of London because of the random text messages. It would come at any time and any hour. “

She says the romance unfolded just months away with the London Olympics and Paralympic Games.

The future prime minister spoke at one of her tech events on April 13 – before successfully completing the mayoral election on May 3.

The businesswoman says that after that, Mr Johnson finally managed to arrange her first “private drink” – at the Tavistock Hotel in Bloomsbury, London.

Jennifer said, “He showed up late, disheveled and chaotic. He rode a bicycle – he came in with his helmet on. I thought, “This is a great look to start with.” He went to the bar and came back within a minute and said, “Jennifer, can I borrow £ 3.10?” I thought, “I’m a student who’ll buy you a beer, you should be ashamed of yourself.”

“It drove me crazy. He asked things like, where are you from, what do you want to be? I remember being bewitched by this man. “

Weeks later, Jennifer said the Mayor of London – who was already a well-known media figure at the time – invited her to dinner at Ciao Bella on Lamb’s Conduit Street.

She said, “He hugged me in front of everyone. It just felt so natural. We had red wine, I had a nicoise salad and he had fish and chips and then ate from my plate.

“He was very open. He said, “I can’t stop thinking about you, I want to go out with you, I really like you.” I said, “I’m not someone you play games with.”

“You are always honest with me and respect me and my time. If you don’t want to see me just tell me. He said, “I’m not one to fall in love with American women.” I replied, “I’m not the one who falls in love with politicians – we have to play this very slowly.”

“This is where I saw a bit of the man for the first time and I would be lying if I said I didn’t love who I saw.”

Jennifer said this later that evening, “He yelled,” Kiss me! “And I said,” Mayor, I don’t kiss politicians on the street. “He said, ‘This is my city, I don’t care.” Boris also posed for selfies with members of the public outside.

Jennifer recalled, “He was dying to take me home that night. I refused to give in. He was very frustrated and drove away angry. “

Jennifer said they didn’t discuss his marriage in detail.

But thoughtfully she admits: “I can look back and say that I should have dealt with it differently, but I learned a lot.”

The love life of the current Prime Minister has been in the media spotlight several times

Jennifer says that she first slept with Mr. Johnson on August 29, 2012 – just before the Paralympics ceremony.

She claims he showed up in a mayor’s suit with an Olympic badge on it at her apartment on London’s trendy Shoreditch High Street.

Later that evening, 11 million people attended the Paralympic Opening Ceremony, which featured Mr Johnson alongside Princess Anne, Prince William and his wife Kate.

Jennifer Arcuri says she had a four-year affair with Boris Johnson 1

The US businesswoman said Mr Johnson texted her later that night and called her. She added, “He was in contact all night. I saw him on TV. It was bizarre. “

She says the couple met often over the next four years.

She said they both recited Sonnet 29 together, which begins: “When they fall from grace with the happiness and eyes of men …”

She added, “He would say,” You are the most beautiful woman, I can’t stop thinking about you, but I love hearing what you have to say.

“I did everything I could to make sure I wasn’t in love with this man, but in some ways I knew it.”

Jennifer says they exchanged racy messages. She sent an “artistic” picture of herself that Mr. Johnson said was “enough” to have a bishop step through a stained glass window.

She says most of the pictures were taken by professional shots and she sent them whenever the future prime minister said he was dying to see them.

By 2016, she says she decided to keep things cool.

At the end of the year, she was pregnant with her current husband, Matthew Hickey.

Jennifer says she didn’t want to put her life and family plans for Boris on hold.

She said, “I deserve more. He could love me for fun, on a hot matter. Was he going to start a family again? He wasn’t there at the moment when I was with him.

“I wasn’t a backup plan or the last 747,000th on his list to look at. I adored him and would lie to say I wanted there to be a time he wasn’t in my life was. “

No. 10 declined to comment.

  • Read the full story of Jennifer Arcuri on the Sunday Mirror in stores on Sunday.


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