Jeremy Vine reveals 'angry anti-vaxxers' turned up at his family home in protest

Jeremy Vine revealed how anti-Vaxxers showed up to serve a subpoena on his family – as they were angry about the BBC’s support for Covid vaccinations.

The BBC Radio 2 host announced to his 771,000 followers this morning that a group who identified themselves as “Resistance” had arrived at the family home in London to issue the “Liability Statement”.

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The star was not in the house that he shares with his wife journalist Rachel Scholfield and two daughters at the time.

Vine added that his wife was on the property, forced to abide by the rule, otherwise a large group of protesters waited to “take to the streets.”

A second video filmed in front of the door shows a larger group calling themselves the “Resistance” gathered nearby, while a voice behind the camera says they are “taking the whole street” and putting up yellow protest boards when they do the sender doesn’t open the door.

Vine began his career as a budding Coventry Telegraph journalist before making a name for himself as a Radio 2 host and Channel Five host. He also presents eggheads.

He told his Twitter followers, “I’m not home right now, so these guys just put an ‘anti-Vax order’ on my wife instead. ‘

“You are mad at the BBC’s #CovidVaccine coverage. You were polite, for which I’m grateful, but coming to my house on a Sunday?

In another tweet, Vine showed footage of the protest group waiting nearby with yellow boards. He added, “If my wife hadn’t accepted the ‘anti-Vaxx cursive’ ‘in my name, this group waiting near my house would have” taken the whole street. “

“The original video shows the street name and house number very clearly. Always happy to get involved, but not like that. ‘

In the earlier recordings, a smartly dressed man says, “If he [Vine] don’t open the door, we’ll tear down all the boards and take the whole street with the yellow boards and wait for the police to come. We will ask the police to help us deliver the liability notice. “

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