Jersey reopens for UK holidaymakers from today

Jersey, the largest Channel Island, has reopened its borders to welcome those looking for the night again. Offering a vacation destination close to home.

British vacationers can now explore the nine by five mile island that offers natural land and seascapes, cultural heritage, local products and hospitality with over 30 beaches and nearly 12 miles of coastline.

Since the Jersey government announced the reopening of the border, the Visit Jersey website has seen UK traffic increase 48%.

Both travel partners and partners on the island expect an increase in British travelers visiting the island this summer. Condor Ferries saw their website traffic increase by 22% back in April as people want to book a ferry to the island. Interest in accommodation on the island has also increased. Since the limit was announced on Friday March 19, requests for Seymour hotels have increased by 400% week to week.

Amanda Burns, Visit Jersey’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “As part of the British Isles, we are excited to welcome back visitors and beloved island friends. Jersey has space to enjoy our pristine beaches and unique island for all it has to offer over miles of uninterrupted coastline. We know British vacationers have longed for a well-deserved getaway and we can’t wait to offer something different after a difficult year of constraints. With the reintroduction of our Safer Travel Guidance, visitors can feel safe and at the same time make the most of their break. “

As part of the Common Travel Area, Jersey is not on the UK International Travel Ban List and visitors are not required to fill out British Government Travel Declaration Form before traveling to the island. The Jersey government has reintroduced Safer Travel Guidance, which includes red, amber and green regional classifications for the UK and the other crown addictions. The classifications determine the time it takes a visitor to isolate.

All incoming visitors must have a PCR test prior to arrival or fill out a registration form prior to departure and will be tested upon arrival. Visitors are required to identify each country and region visited in the 14 days prior to their trip to Jersey to determine if they are classified on arrival and if they need to self-isolate. With Jersey’s unique fast-track limit test system, visitors get their result within 12 hours, so they can make the most of their time on the island.

For more information on Jersey’s travel policy, please visit:

Top 10 Local Attractions To Stay In Jersey:

  1. Oyster box – Enjoy panoramic sea views and complement the delicious menu with fresh local seafood, meat, vegetarian and vegan dishes.
  2. Jersey National Park – Jersey National Park is rich in history and with its varied and varied landscape, offers pristine beaches, delicious restaurants and active activities.
  3. Jersey war tunnel – Discover the true story of life in Jersey during the German occupation in World War II.
  4. St. Brelade’s Bay – Named the UK’s Top Rated Beach at TripAdvisor’s 2019 Travelers Choice Awards, St Brelade’s is an island favorite, perfect for those looking to spend a day on the water.
  5. Bioluminescence on the beach – Enjoy an evening stroll along the coast by moonlight and discover a rare natural phenomenon at low tide.
  6. RIB trips to the Jersey Archipelago – Explore the Jersey archipelago on a RIB trip and discover a submerged coastal landscape of reefs and islands discovered at low tide.
  7. La Corbière lighthouse – Walk across the dam, past rock pools and sandy beaches, and discover the dramatic place where sand meets sea.
  8. Mont Orgueil Castle – Discover secret rooms and hidden gems before taking in views of Gorey Harbor and, on a clear day, the French coast.
  9. Number 10 bar & restaurant – Treat yourself to a spectacular culinary experience of European cuisine with seasonal, regional products.
  10. Coasteering – Thrill seekers can reach a natural climax with Jersey’s original coasteering venture. Jersey Adventures in two hours of swimming, climbing, caving and secret bays discovery.


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