Jet2 cancels all of its flights and holidays until July 1

Britain’s second largest tour operator Jet2 has canceled all of its flights and travel through July 21st.

It comes after Portugal was moved to the government’s amber list and no countries were added to the green list that the government council says will allow Britons to go on vacation.

Jet2 has also said that trips to Turkey, which is classified as a red country by the UK government, will continue to be postponed until July 22nd.

The airline has promised that anyone affected by the changes or who should travel to a yellow list country before July 1st will also be able to get a full refund or rebook their vacation.

The airline said it will allow those who have booked a vacation to a current yellow list destination – who are scheduled to fly between July 1 and July 21 – to change their booking for free.

Chief Steve Heapy has spoken out about the government’s handling of the resumption of international travel.

He said, “We know how disappointed our customers will be and become, and we share their concerns and frustrations.

“The government has repeatedly stated that it makes decisions based on infection and vaccination rates, but many travel destinations continue to be removed from the Green List despite low infection rates and high vaccination rates.

“If you apply the government’s own criteria to travel decisions, we just cannot understand why more destinations across Europe, the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands cannot be opened to British tourists.

“We are now demanding complete openness and transparency with regard to the data so that customers and the industry really understand what drives these decisions.”

He said the company “knows that international travel is safe to resume”.

He added, “Unlike other companies, we will refund customers when they want their money back and we won’t force them to accept refund credits.

“Our customers want nothing more than to take their much-needed vacation, and our colleagues want nothing more than to give their customers the vacation they deserve.

“We know that international travel is safe to resume, so we urge the government to urgently rethink its approach and work with the industry to help us make this happen.”


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