Jill Biden: Trump’s attacks on Biden are ‘a distraction’

Jill Biden: Trump’s attacks on Biden are ‘a distraction’

Trump has repeatedly classified his challenger as too weak to cope with the rigors of the presidency and tweeted on Sunday morning that he wanted a drug test for Biden ahead of their debate on Tuesday. Trump also shared a tweet earlier this month using the “PedoBiden” hashtag promoting the defamatory right-wing conspiracy theory that Biden is a pedophile.

Jill Biden shrugged at the president’s attacks as a sign that Trump is looking for low beatings as her husband “shows persistence, calm, empathy and the things people are looking for right now.”

“Donald Trump looks at Joe and says, oh my god, there is my competition. What can I think of to distract people? And that’s all he’s trying, ”said Jill Biden. “But Joe is tough.”

The former second lady added that she and her family expected such attacks from the president based on previous comments during his presidency. Trump has never shied away from humiliating his political enemies with everything – from their physical appearance to their ethnic background – on the table.

“We know who Donald Trump is,” said Jill Biden. “We’ve known it for four years and I was expecting it. We’re a tough family.”


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