Jimmy Fallon and Kim Kardashian Talk About Hiding From Their Kids During Social Distancing

Jimmy Fallon is back with another Tonight Show: At Home Edition, and this time he’s talking to special guest Kim Kardashian. On Monday, Jimmy continued his fan-favorite, stripped-down episodes with the help of his wife (and loyal camerawoman) Nancy, and their daughters, 6-year-old Winnie and 5-year-old Franny. He even got a virtual visit from his on-screen friend, Steve Higgins!

After the monologue and a chat with Higgins, Jimmy sat down for a video call with Kim. They talked about the TV shows she was eating as she distanced herself (Love is blind and Tiger King) and revealed her favorite place to hide from her kids for a moment of peace. Spoiler alert: she had to escape to Kris Jenner’s glamor room for the interview. The home show also featured a conversation with Jon Bon Jovi and a performance of “Didn’t I” by One Republic. Watch the full episode below to watch all the fun disappear.

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