Jimmy Fallon Interviewed His Wife For The Tonight Show: At Home, and I Love Their Love

Welcome Jimmy Fallon’s latest (and perhaps most important) Tonight show guest: his wife, Nancy Juvonen! The nocturnal host started a new edition of The Tonight Show: At Home Edition on Tuesday night with the help of his daughters, 6-year-old Winnie and 5-year-old Franny, and spent some extra special time on a new segment with Nancy called “Ask the Fallons”. Since Jimmy and Nancy’s family has socialized for the past week or so, she acted as his loyal camerawoman – but this is the first time we’ve seen her stepping in front of the lens since he became a talk show host.

Jimmy crowdsourced a few fan questions on Twitter to ask Nancy as they walked around their neighborhood. They discussed her background, her 20-year partnership with Drew Barrymore, how she and Jimmy greet each other in the morning and whether Jimmy is a romantic or not. Watch the full video above to see their adorable ‘interview’ and keep watching a guest spot (and beautiful performance) of John Legend. We look forward to more ‘Ask the Fallons’ videos in the future!

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