Jimmy Fallon’s wife Nancy reveals the incredible gift he gave her for her 50th

Jimmy Fallon’s show has become a bit of a family production because he works at home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In its Tuesday episode of “The Tonight Show”, he convinced his wife, Nancy Juvonen, to step behind the camera for a quick interview.

Juvonen, who co-founded the production company Flower Films with Drew Barrymore, was his cameraman for the home versions of the talk show last week.

On Tuesday’s episode, the parents of two strolled through their quiet neighborhood while Fallon Juvonen asked questions about her life for viewers.

A highlight was a viewer question that asked if Fallon was a romantic and to give examples.

“I think you!” she said.

“You do? How cute!” he laughed.

She described the incredible gift he had given her for her 50th birthday.

Fallon had given her a lot of her favorite albums on cassette tapes and told her he forgot the boombox to play them in the garage.

“I thought it was! And I was like, “That’s the most thoughtful!” She said. “You listened to me! All we want as women is to be heard blah blah blah. ”

But as she ran outside to grab the boombox, her brother drove a classic VW bus.

Juvonen said she loved that car because she learned to drive it when she grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and drove through high school and college.

The vehicle has been a hit with strangers they see in it.

“More people stop us for that thing, they don’t even care that I’m in the car, nothing,” said Fallon. “No, they don’t even care that it’s you,” Juvonen said.

“They were like, ‘I had one of them! I lived on that … bus, I took it all the way from New York to California,” “Fallon said.” People have very nice stories about that VW bus. “

“Those who touch it, it touches deeply,” Juvonen agreed.

Fallon’s daughters help him host his home version of “The Tonight Show” on March 24, 2020.The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Fallon and Juvonen (who said in the video that she took Fallon as her last name but is still going through Juvonen professionally) share two young daughters – Frannie, 5, and Winnie, 6.

The girls helped them do the home versions of “The Tonight Show”, and as we heard on Tuesday, they have a habit of sneaking into bed with their parents at night.

“They never start with us, but let’s say they crawl in at 5 a.m., don’t kick them out,” said Juvonen. “And the dog – it’s usually five of us!”

Fallon explained that Frannie’s “new thing” is sleeping on her parents’ pillows and head.

“Yes, usually on your big pillow on your head,” Juvonen replied. “Thank God.”

We look forward to more shenanigans with the Fallons!

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