John Krasinski Wants to Share Good News With the World, So He Reached Out to Steve Carell

In a time of confusion, John Krasinski is on a mission to share positivity with the world from his own home. The Quiet place actor recently unveiled ‘Some Good News’ on YouTube; a place where he can promote heartwarming and impressive stories that can brighten up a day. Part of this clarity comes in the form of its former costar The office, Steve Carell, who virtually appeared to talk about the show’s 15th anniversary.

John and Steve – aka the ‘entertainment correspondent’ – clearly still have a lot of fun together, making each other laugh over and over again during their conversation. They brought back memories of the cast’s favorite moments and band, along with special memories of the show. In addition to Steve’s fun cameo, John also had a special guest on the show: his new hero, Coco. Watch the full video above to see John’s interviews with both Steve and Coco. With our fingers crossed we will get more of these clips in the future!

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