John Lewis pulls its controversial 'Let Life Happen' advert for being misleading

John Lewis placed his latest insurance ad on the grounds that it could be misleading.

The controversial ad got a lot of people talking when it first hit screen earlier this month, and some buyers called it “sexist”.

However, the ad was withdrawn for another reason – concerns that it might confuse customers about John Lewis insurance.

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The ad featured a young actor dancing around to the Stevie Nicks hit, Edge of Seventeen.

In it, the boy damages his family’s house, knocks pictures off the wall, smashes jewelry and smears paint.

However, the ad for home insurance was raped by the Financial Conduct Authority.

John Lewis told clients on social media, “You may have seen the ‘Let Life Happen’ ad for our new home insurance offering, which ran from October 11th to October 27th, 2021.

“This ad was withdrawn because the Financial Conduct Authority found the content to be potentially misleading and could confuse customers about John Lewis’ new home insurance offering.

“That was absolutely never our intention.

“The ‘Let Life Happen’ advertisement for John Lewis’ home insurance was created to show a gleeful portrayal of a young actor who lets himself be carried away by his performance without being aware of the unintended consequences of his actions.

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“We want to make it clear that the accident insurance is available as an add-on to the new home insurance product from John Lewis and only covers accidental (not intentional) damage.

“We decided to contact every customer who took out our new home insurance from October 11th to October 31st to confirm that they understood these points and are satisfied with their purchase.”


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