Josh Hawley Has Chosen to Sacrifice Democracy on the Altar of His Own Presidential Ambition

Joshua David Hawley wants you to know that he is very smart. The Senator from Missouri is determined to be the next Republican President of the United States, and a big part of the argument he makes for himself is that he’s more spiritually agile than the Republicans who have made the party similarly intelligent and similar since then Richard Nixon was discharged from the Oval Office in 1974. Hawley’s official biography not only mentions that he is a graduate of Stanford University and Yale Law School. it brags“Senator Hawley is recognized as one of the leading constitutional attorneys in the country.” His campaign team – and Hawley is always Campaigns – since jumping into the political fast lane in 2016, has portrayed the youngest member of the Senate as a conservative intellectual who co-authored a book on Teddy Roosevelt that speaks about fourth-century theologians Pelagiusand regularly outsmarts liberal agendas with daring legal and legislative strategies.

There is no question that Hawley is a brighter light in the GOP firmament than dim light bulbs like Ron Johnson from Wisconsin, the conspiracy theorist who idolizes Ayn Rand and who can always be relied on for fooling President Trump.

However, in the 2020 election, Hawley positioned himself only as an articulate and ambitious version of Johnson. Hoping to secure Trump’s favor – and that of the rally loyalists who will decide which Republican will ultimately take on the cloak of 45th President – the almost-declared 2024 (or maybe 2028) presidential candidate will apply torture to veneer made of constitutional law and historical references to the conspiratorial nonsense Trump’s stupidest allies used to discredit President-elect Joe Biden’s clear victory.

Hawley denied fact and logic and heightened the president’s complaints about “electoral fraud” and an allegedly “rigged” election since the November 3rd election. He describes the process that gave Biden the presidency a “debacle” – despite the fact that Chris Krebs, the lifelong Republican who oversaw electoral security at Trump’s behest, has dispelled complaints of tampering and tampering explained“The 2020 election was the safest in US history. This achievement should be celebrated by all Americans and not undermined in the service of a deeply un-American goal. ”

On December 30th, Hawley brought things to a head an announcement::

I cannot vote to endorse the January 6th electoral college findings without pointing out that some states, particularly Pennsylvania, have failed to obey their own electoral laws. And I can’t vote for certification without pointing out the unprecedented efforts of mega-corporations, including Facebook and Twitter, to meddle in that election in support of Joe Biden. At the very least, Congress should investigate allegations of electoral fraud and take steps to ensure the integrity of our elections. But Congress has not acted so far.

Hawley’s carefully timed announcement was pulled exactly that “Thanks Josh!” Praise he sought from Trump– who had tried to get a Republican senator to join the Republicans in the House to object. Under the arcane rules for accepting electoral college votes from states, at least one member of the house and one senator must question the results in order to force the two houses to debate and then vote on whether to respect the will of the people .

When Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell tried to end the pointless exercise – creating a rift with Trump that resulted in a flurry of vacation clauses and threats – the president was in a difficult position. In his search for a refuser, he was reduced to appealing to the weakest links in the Senate Republican caucus like Johnson and the newly elected Republican from Alabama Tommy Tuberville.

Then Trump suddenly got a boost from the party’s most accomplished rising star. When that happened, the floodgates opened: Senator from Texas Ted Cruz (Another prospect for the President) and 10 other Trump-leaning Senators announced that they would join Hawley to object to the confirmation of Biden’s victory based on their (false) claims that the 2020 elections were “unprecedented charges of Election fraud, violations and negligence included electoral enforcement and other electoral irregularities. “The Senators will join a majority of the House Republicans and street protesters called for by Trump to make Wednesday one of the darker days in tortured American democracy history. Vice President Mike Pence has signaled that as Senate President he will facilitate the charade.

Ultimately, Biden is sworn in as President on January 20th. He won the post of more than 7 million ballot papers and with a higher percentage of the population than any challenger to a seated president since Franklin Roosevelt defeated Herbert Hoover in 1932. Biden’s electoral college win has been scrutinized by the courts and states and is upheld by Democratic majorities – Led House and the Republican-led Senate – where GOP officials like Mitt Romney of Utah and Ben Sasse of Nebraska have signaled they are on the side the Democrats will stand.

Why is someone as smart and confident as Hawley who is fighting a losing battle? The answer has everything to do with the cynical calculation of a 41-year-old politician, whose ambition exceeds any sense of duty to his party or his country. Hawley, like most other prominent Republicans who side with Trump in this crude attack on democracy and common sense, recognizes that the Republican Party is beyond saving. It will not become a more credible, honorable, or intellectually honest institution. Trump has redesigned the Grand Old Party in his own image and it will serve him until he gives up control.

That means that if Trump chooses to be in 2024, he’ll most likely be the GOP candidate. Thinking differently means engaging in the same wishful thinking that the fabulists of “Never Trump” have adopted since 2015. But when Trump finally passes the nomination on to another Republican, be it 2024 or 2028, Hawley will wait.


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