Judicial Crisis Network launches $3 million ad campaign for Barrett

Judicial Crisis Network launches $3 million ad campaign for Barrett

The advertisement comes as conservative groups prepare for a violent partisan struggle to occupy the seat of the late liberal judiciary Ruth Bader Ginsburg. The Senate Judiciary Committee will begin its confirmation hearings on October 12.

The advocacy will also be one website and a quick response team.

“We have definitely expanded our team,” said Carrie Severino, President of the Judicial Crisis Network, in an interview. “We have more resources. I think we get better every time. “

The Judicial Crisis Network also spent millions on affirmations from Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.

Other conservative groups are also moving quickly to support Barrett’s nomination. The Club for Growth plans to spend $ 5 million, CatholicVote.org is expected to spend $ 2.5 to 3 million, America First Policies will spend at least $ 5 million, Susan B. Anthony List is expected to have a Spend $ million and Heritage Action will spend $ 3.5 million.

Barrett is expected to receive widespread support from Senate Republicans and unanimous opposition from Senate Democrats who want Ginsburg’s vacancy to be filled by whoever wins the November 3rd presidential election.


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