Julius Randle, De’Aaron Fox duel in possible trade showcase

Is this Julius Randle’s big audition to be part of “All the Kings’ Men”? And the trial of De’Aaron Fox’s Garden?

The Kings are visiting Monday amid reports that Sacramento is seeking the same zeal as Leon Rose’s Knicks.

There are reports that Fox, the guardian of the Kings, is around because his presence at lottery pick Tyerse Haliburton for 2020 is a redundancy.

Knicks GM Scott Perry drafted Fox during his brief stint in Sacramento after being fired by Orlando. Perry considers the Fox to be one of his best pulls, according to a source.

Knicks executive William Wesley has been embedded in the Kentucky program for years. Fox and Randle both went to Kentucky.

Nobody knows how much power Perry has anymore. Perry hasn’t been out with the team since November. The only executive to travel with the Knicks since December is Wesley, who has headed Perry in the power structure under Rose.

De-Aaron Fox (left) and Julius Randle (right) could be split before the NBA trading deadline.
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With Kemba Walker’s knees and shaky performance, the Knicks can desperately take advantage of the Fox fleet, which averages 21 points and 5.2 assists, but shoots just 21.4 percent from 3.

The Kings (18-33) may be able to hire Randle, the 2020-21 All-Star power forward who has stepped back this season. Randle is still bullishly plowing for the basket, but has lost his jump shot, decision making and energy on defense.

Days after the Knicks added Cam Reddish in a trade to land another trump card, The Post reported that everything is on the table for the club, including dealing with Randle.

Rose, who hasn’t spoken to the media since September, may realize that Randle’s handling of the recent adversity that came after gesturing a thumbs down to the Garden crowd shows that he lacks the determination to face the to be Knicks.

According to an NBA source, Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau has admitted to his staff that he has struggled more this season to get Randle to play selflessly than last season.

Some in the organization believe Randle’s signing of the $117 million contract extension has left him feeling he needs to score more to keep the pact.

Tom Thibodeau failed to get through to Julius Randle.
Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

Randle’s timing didn’t look right this month. He scored in three matches in January with single figures. He is accused of being disabled.

A video is circulating on social media of Randle walking away from fallen teammates — Obi Toppin in Milwaukee on Friday and Mitchell Robinson against Detroit last month — instead of reaching out to pick them up. Each video shows other Knicks teammates arriving to lift Toppin and Robinson.

Also during a timeout against the Clippers at the Garden a week ago, Randle was still in the game, but not confused, sauntered over to his wife, Kendra, who was sitting behind the couch.

De'Aaron Fox
De’Aaron Fox
NBAE via Getty Images

Thibodeau has been extremely positive in pumping Randle to the press, even as his best friend, Jeff Van Gundy, insinuated on Wednesday’s national broadcast of Wednesday’s game with Miami that last season’s Most Improved Player didn’t show the same courage as the bank players.

Thibodeau said no changes will be made to the starting lineup after Sunday’s practice.

Randle played poorly on the 0-3 road trip to Cleveland, Miami and Milwaukee, where he scored nine points.

“Work through it. There are a lot of good moves he made in the game in Milwaukee,” said Thibodeau. “I don’t want to measure him by scoring points. There’s the rebounding, passing, team defense, individual defense, leading us through adversity. He’s going to get a lot of attention because of who he is. We have to get through it as a team. That’s how we can help each other.”

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