Karen Carter Peterson’s Ready to Bring Some ‘Don’t Mess Around’ Progressivism to D.C.

Then when – representative Steve King, a white nationalist Republican from Iowa, Hurricane Katrina attacked victims In 2019, he learned that you were not messing with Karen Carter Peterson. King claimed at a town hall meeting in his district in 2019 that Iowans were ready to help themselves after disasters, while Louisians responded to the 2005 hurricane by looking around and saying, “Who is going to help me, who is going to help me ? ”

Peterson, a progressive Democrat who has represented New Orleans in the State House and Senate since 1999, attacked King.

“I am deeply appalled by the comments Rep. Steve King has made in the New Orleans area of ​​my city. Hurricane Katrina devastated Louisiana, leaving 1,800 dead and tens of thousands more homeless and impoverished. He has no right to comment on what our people have been through or to spread these falsehoods. ” explained Petersonwho was chairman of the Louisiana Democratic Party at the time. “His dog whistle comments today are another demonstration of his racist, white supremacist beliefs and create prejudicial, hateful stereotypes that he can easily portray. There is no place for this kind of hateful rhetoric in our government, and we need our leaders to show that they will not tolerate it. “

That was the classic Karen Carter Peterson. She is a capable and effective lawmaker who knows how to work ideologically and across party lines on issues like Medicaid’s expansion. But she is not about to leave her voters targeted or bullied. Nor will it resort to questions of economic, social and racial justice.

It is this track record that leads Peterson’s supporters to argue that the seasoned lawmaker will come to Congress as a change agent ready to serve if they are in an upcoming special election for an open seat in the US House of Representatives in the Second South Louisiana Congressional District is elected as a non-apologetic progressive.

Peterson, whose campaign ads literally end with their explanation. “I don’t play around“Has caused an uproar among activists in Louisiana and nationally who argue that she could be a transforming member of Congress from a region in the south that could use aggressively progressive representation.” “Karen was never afraid to tell the truth on behalf of the working families of power,” he says Stacey Abrams, the voting master proxy and former Georgian lawmaker who has known Peterson for years and is one of the Louisian’s most ardent supporters. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), Chair of the Progressive Caucus in Congress, and longtime CPC leaders Mark Pocan (D-Wis.) And Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) recently declared“Karen Carter Peterson is exactly the kind of fearless leader we need because she has been on the front lines for working families and change across Louisiana for years. She becomes an ally in our collective struggle for progress, justice, opportunity and being equality – and we pride ourselves on putting our support behind them in this race. “


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