Kate Garraway played healing prayers to Derek as he lay in coma

Faith healers in the United States sent Kate Garraway a record of their prayers when husband Derek was hospitalized in a coma for a year after contracting Covid-19.

Good Morning Britain host announced that she has asked nurses to play recordings of people singing “Heal Derek Now” as she tries everything to get him to recover.

Kate says the footage was given to her by TV friend Lizzie Cundy, reportedly The mirror.

She also tried Reiki healing by hand, which caused Derek to look at her and say the word “love”.

Derek woke up from his arrival earlier this year and is now at home, where he is looked after around the clock.

In her book, The Power Of Hope, Kate said, “I needed something to counter the emotional effects, and all of these techniques helped me stay positive.

“Lizzie Cundy, through a friend, sent me recordings of American preachers saying, ‘Heal Derek now,’ which I was asked to play to the nurses while he was lying there. There were days when the kids and I were almost hysterical with laughter because it was so loud and so American.

“But who knows? It could have worked. It could have gotten through to him, and how exultant it would have been for Derek to know that this power of goodwill was spurring him on?

“Other friends sent details of mystics and healers to help them. It helped to get a text from them that exuded confidence that I had reason to hope for. It gave me strength. “

The healers didn’t charge Kate for their work – “they just wanted to help,” said Kate.

She added, “That in itself was a wonderful thing. That goodness to bring Derek into life. ‘Why not?’

“I kept asking myself that, because I had to make a big change and open myself to all sorts of new ideas.”


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