Kate Middleton issues rare personal statement on her birthday

Kate Middleton sent a rare personal message on her 40th birthday.

The Duchess of Cambridge turned 40 today (January 9th) and wrote a special message for fans on social media.

Next to one of the three new photos that were shared on the occasion of the milestone birthday, she wrote: “Thank you for all your dear birthday wishes and to Paolo and the National Portrait Gallery for these three special portraits.”

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To let fans know that the message was from her and not from her staff, she signed it with a “C”.

Kate rarely sends personal messages.

The last time she posted was on Christmas Day with her husband Prince William.

They wrote, “This Christmas will be different from what so many of us had planned.

“From those who are alone or need to isolate themselves from loved ones to the incredible people who are ours NHS and care for those most in need – we think of you. TOILET”

The last solo tweet Kate sent before today was on November 12th to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Poppy appeal.

She wrote: “It was a real honor to spend time with Colonel Blum and to thank him for the sacrifices he has made for our country. When I spoke to him, I realized again why memory is so important and why we must thank those who thank us fought and died so that we can live in peace today.

“We have to keep their stories alive for future generations. And congratulations to Emily on receiving her Centenary Remembrance Badge! C “

The Queen and Prince Charles, along with people around the world, publicly wished Kate a happy birthday today.

The monarch shared four snaps on the official royal accounts, all of which showed her with her grandson’s wife.

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