Katie McGlynn says not social distancing on Strictly has been ‘weird’

Hollyoaks actress Katie McGlynn said it was “weird” to be so close to a partner in Strictly Come Dancing after she got used to social distancing.

The actress said she has been socially distant from other actors in her work since the pandemic began.

She said starring on the show was a “brand new” experience where she had to learn to communicate without using her voice, gestures and facial expressions.

“It literally uses my body and with Covid I’ve become socially distant from other actors so it’s just weird to be close to someone,” she said.

“When we did the tango, it just felt very strange to be so close to someone and somehow move in sync. So it’s very strange.

“But like I said, this is all brand new to me, so I soak it all up and try to get better.”

McGlynn praised the teaching of Gorka Marquez.

“I think because you spend so much time together you kind of learn what works, how to teach different people and we have the same sense of humor so we laugh all day and he teaches me so that I can understand “, Called them.

“He wrote it down like a script.

“He’s really supporting me and after last week I lost my confidence because we were in the dance and he was so supportive and positive.

“He’s just brilliant, I couldn’t imagine having another partner in this experience.”

She added that it was “brutal” to be the first celebrity to drop actress Nina Wadia from the competition.

“You kind of forget that someone has to go home,” she said.

She added that she was “really upset” to see Wadia leave.

Strictly Come Dancing continues on BBC One.

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