Katie Piper and Aviva help people make difficult decisions with free online academy

A free online teaching academy was launched to help people overcome indecision.

As part of the triumvirate partnership, insurer Aviva, writer and activist Katie Piper and behavioral psychologist Jo Hemmings will provide training for people who need help getting ahead in their lives.

The academy was created on the basis of new research by the insurer Aviva, which found that Britons sleep nearly 43 nights a year because they are worried about making the right decision. That equates to an astonishing 17 billion hours of sleep loss in adults in the UK.

When it comes to life’s toughest decisions, divorce or ending a long-term relationship is high on the list (31%). followed by buying a new home (29%) and moving to a new country (27%). Other sleepless, difficult decisions are a change of job or occupation (27%), marriage (25%) and the birth or adoption of a child (21%).

Aviva Decision School is a free public course. It is designed to help people learn the art of confident decision making and break free from the shackles of procrastination as they grapple with the everyday and life changing decisions they face in their lives.

Classes cover a number of different areas specifically designed to help you make life decisions with ease, including overcoming associated fears, making decisions under pressure, and trusting your instincts.

Aviva Decision School encompasses inspirational and practical advice and insight from a number of seasoned decision makers, including former Metropolitan Police Superintendent Leroy Logan MBE and Guinness World Record Breaker Vanessa O’Brien.

Raj Kumar, Corporate Reputation Director at Aviva, said: “Our research shows that the majority of us struggle with decision making at various stages in our lives and so we British are no strangers to procrastination. We know the past 18 months have really made a lot of people rethink their priorities, which has resulted in some difficult decisions.

“So it seemed like the right time for us to start Aviva Decision School with Katie and Jo – to help the nation address its problems indecisively and to give people the practical tools they can need to make decisions with ease. ”

Behavioral psychologist Jo Hemmings said, “Making decisions – and avoiding them – can have a huge impact on our emotional and physical well-being, as well as our relationships, finances, and a host of other factors. It is natural for many of us to feel overwhelmed by the more difficult decisions in life. “

Writer, philanthropist and presenter Katie Piper said, “Life can bring many opportunities and challenges that are sometimes difficult to overcome. Attending the Aviva Decision School was a wonderful opportunity and enabled me to reflect on decisions that I have made throughout my life and professional career. “

The 15 toughest decisions:

  1. Divorce or termination of a long-term relationship – 31%
  2. Buying a new house – 29%
  3. Moving to a new country – 27%
  4. Job or career change – 27%
  5. Getting married – 25%
  6. Having or adopting a child – 21%
  7. Moving in with a partner – 20%
  8. Moving to a new city – 20%
  9. Caring for a family member – 19%
  10. Where to invest – 15%
  11. Deciding when to retire – 13%
  12. Choosing a pension – 10%
  13. School choice – 8%
  14. Educate yourself and choose (or choose not to) a degree – 8%
  15. Get a pet – 7%

Visit the Aviva Decision School and check out the first suite of tools – Lesson 1: Making Decisions under Pressure.

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