Katie Price says she 'regrets' getting behind the wheel of her car after drink-driving crash

Katie Price has said that she regrets getting behind the wheel of her car after drinking.

The 43-year-old, also known as Jordan, broke her silence after the September incident.

The former glamor model plans to reveal exactly what happened in a brand new YouTube video set to go live at 5 p.m. Mirrors.

Katie, who is engaged to Carl Woods, says in the teaser clip of her Tell-All video: “I got behind the wheel of the car. I regret it. I pissed people around me and I pissed myself off.

“I could have been injured or I could have been dead. I could have killed someone or I could have injured someone.”

Katie’s post immediately prepared fans for the tell-all video, but her Instagram story promoting the video has since been deleted just moments after publication.

It comes after Katie’s BMW tipped on its side on a country lane near her West Sussex home in September.

The mother of five pleaded guilty to drinking and driving after the accident near her home while disqualified and driving without insurance.

She enrolled in a treatment program at The Priory to seek help in combating her addiction problems under the supervision of professionals.

It wasn’t the first time Katie went to rehab in September 2018 to solve her drug problems.

She spent 28 days at the facility after choosing to seek professional help after depending on cocaine to numb the pain of her problems.

Katie is due to be sentenced on December 15th.

After her accident and rehab, Katie was publicly supported by her boyfriend Carl Woods who sits next to mom of five in the teaser for her new YouTube video.

At the time of the crash, Carl rushed to support Katie, calling her a “diamond in the rough”.

Regarding his Instagram Stories, Carl wrote: “Relationships are tested, people test each other.

“But when you love someone the way I love Katie, you enjoy the highs and the good times together, and that bond is put to the test in the low and difficult times together.

“Katie’s a diamond in the rough. It has its imperfections. But they make her perfect for me.

“She just needs that extra help to get polished. The sunlight will shine through them again and the sparkle it brings to everyone will return. “

Spiegel asked Katie’s representative to comment on this story.

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