KDE 5.74 released: Better Linux experience

KDE 5.74 released: Better Linux experience

An update has been released to please KDE users. The developers of KDE Plasma, an open source interface, have released a new version. With the innovations coming from month to month, a faster, more stable and more enjoyable interface experience is provided. What’s new with the KDE 5.74 update is here.

What does the KDE 5.74 update include?

In fact, the published content is the KDE Framework, a developer kit that enables the use of the KDE Plasma interface in Linux distributions. When this developer kit gains innovations, these innovations are also seen on the user side. Anyway, the content of the update is of a kind that will improve our experience. Let’s take a look at the content of the update now.

The KDE Text Editor and the applications developed on this text editor will open 40 percent faster than before.

Dolphin File Manager could crash while transferring files over Bluetooth, this issue has been avoided.

System applications will now consume less resources.

Support for different protocols has been added to the file manager.

New shortcuts have been added, with the SHIFT key, some new combinations will be available.

The shortcomings of the dark theme have been fixed.

Lyrics can be displayed in the meta information of the audio files.

Keyboard combinations can be created to launch applications, this feature existed before, but it was quite problematic. This time it is stably included in the KDE 5.74 update.

These were the highlights from the update notes. It is useful to keep your operating system up to date in order to experience these innovations.


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