Keith Ellison: On the Other Side of Criminal Justice Reform and Transformation Is a Safer Society

When Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison took over the prosecution of Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin for the May 25, 2020 murder of George Floyd, he said, “We will use all resources necessary to investigate this case Achieve justice. “Ellison did just that and organized a team of attorneys to secure Chauvin’s historic conviction on two murder charges. A year later, Ellison’s office takes on yet another high profile case in which a black man – 20-year-old Daunte Wright – was killed by a police officer. I spoke to Ellison, a former chair of the Progressive Congress of Congress and a longtime advocate of criminal justice reform, about these two cases and about where the Movement to Combat Police Violence and Systemic Racism stands a year after Floyd’s murder.

J.without N.ichols: A year ago, at the urging of the Minnesota governor, you took over the George Floyd case from the district attorney. Did you think then that your office would receive a conviction?

K.eith E.llison: I did not know it. The only thing I was very confident about was that we would do everything we can. But what the result was, I had no idea.

It’s not because I wasn’t sure of the evidence. The evidence looked convincing to me; and the more we learned about the case, the more convincing I found it about a belief.

The more I learned about what the medical experts had to say, the more certain I was that what we saw was what really happened.

The more I learned about the violence situation, the more I learned that it was really unauthorized and that there was really no justification for what Derek Chauvin and his company did to George Floyd – even in an area where there was no justification The police get a lot of space, a lot of space, a lot of discretion – the safer I was in our case.

But I also knew that they were going to whip any racist trope you have, and I’ve ever heard: drug equals racket and racket equals black. We wanted to hear that. That would be the story. And they were going to say that medically he was a ticking time bomb, but somehow he was miraculously so strong and so powerful that she was [three officers] had to stay on his body and a fourth had to protect the other three because he is just so powerful and powerful and can bring back to life any moment, and that’s why they had to stay on top of him and that’s why they couldn’t. I’m not helping him.

I don’t know how someone is so weak he could die at any moment – and his heart disease came on suddenly and killed him as soon as Derek Chauvin’s knee was on his neck – and at the same time he was so powerful and so powerful. I knew they would all light up with gas.

I am not blaming the defense attorney. But I was also disappointed that we heard all this ugly nonsense and had to relive it, and the family had to relive it.

To answer your question, I wasn’t sure of the result until the judgment was read. But I was always confident in the evidence. I just didn’t know how people would read it.


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