Kent petrol station undercharges customers following price blunder

In view of the recent sharp rise in fuel prices, most motorists are shocked when they are confronted with the prices at the petrol pumps.

But a driver who visited a Shell repair shop near Margate on Tuesday (October 26) was stunned by the amount he was billed.

Kent Live reported that the price per liter was displayed at 14.9 pence, meaning his total amount was £ 3.92 for the 26.29 liters he had put in.

The decimal point had been set in the wrong place on the pump, which meant that this particular workshop was charging too little fuel.

The bug was shared on a Facebook group for Hauliers and Drivers in Kent.

A driver responded to the post and said: “I filled up the tank last night, I am gutted.”

“How nice that would be all the time,” said another.

One person replied, “Should have kept it quiet!”

While another said: “On my way … from Edinburgh!”

The price has since been corrected.

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