Key moment for summer holidays days away – and people are worried

UK government ministers are expected to postpone overseas travel resumption steps, which will be a major blow to vacationers.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the results of a Global Travel Taskforce review on the prospect of lifting Covid restrictions will be announced on April 5 – raising hopes of an imminent recovery for those fleeing in May or June want.

However, the review will likely claim that it is too early to begin plans to lift the foreign travel ban despite the UK’s introduction of vaccines. The tourists are still waiting for news when the trip can resume.

Currently, all non-essential overseas travel is blocked on May 17 at the earliest according to Boris Johnson’s Roadmap to Recovery, but the outlook is described as “too bleak to make a decision,” according to a government spokesman.

Birmingham Airport has seen massive success since the last lockdown began as most of its flights were suspended. However, travelers are confident that the vacation will resume with tour operators and airlines saying they are ready to start operations once the ban is relaxed.

Mr Johnson said it was still not clear how “robust” the defenses provided by the vaccination program would be if the surge in infections across the continent were to repeat itself in the UK.

“What we don’t really know is how strong our fortifications are now, how tough our defenses are against another wave,” he said.

“We saw what happened to our European friends. Historically, there was at least a time lag and then we had a wave of our own.

“So I emphasize the importance of everyone maintaining the discipline that people have shown for so long.”

Health Secretary Matt Hancock had previously said the prospect of foreign holidays had not been completely ruled out this summer.

“The door isn’t closed, it’s just too early to tell,” he said.

When the holidays get the green light, short haul trips to Spain, Greece, Turkey, Italy and Portugal are popular with travelers booking at Birmingham Airport. Long-haul destinations such as Pakistan, Dubai and India were also in demand.


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