Kim Jong-un tells starving North Koreans to eat less until 2025 as food runs low

Kim Jong-un has told North Koreans that they will have to live with food shortages and eat less by 2025 when the COVID-closed border with China reopens in 2025

Kim Jong-un told the people of North Korea that they need to eat less

Kim Jong-un has told North Koreans that in the next few years they will have to tighten their belts and eat less, even though the food shortage is already an “emergency”.

North Korean officials said people will have to accept the bottlenecks until the country reopens its borders with China in 2025, it was reported.

People are already worried about how to get through the winter due to the lack of food and there are reports of people starving.

The secret state, which is largely cut off from the rest of the world, closed its border with China in early 2020 due to Covid, with particular fear in North Korea of ​​the damage the virus could cause to its restricted health system.

The closing of the border with a major trading partner was a severe blow to the economy, resulting in bottlenecks and price increases.

North Korea already has food shortages and reports of people starving


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“Two weeks ago, they told the neighborhood watch meeting that our food crisis would last until 2025. Authorities stressed that the possibility of customs re-opening between North Korea and China before 2025 is very slim, “said a local Radio Free Asia (RFA).

“The food situation is already clearly an emergency and people are struggling with shortages. When the authorities tell them to conserve and consume less food by 2025 … all they can do is feel great despair. “

Along with reports that people have starved to death, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization predicts North Korea will be short of about 860,000 tons of food – for about two months.

The United Nations World Food Program estimates that around 40% of North Korea’s population is malnourished.

The North Korean regime’s response is self-employment and an urge for people to grow their own crops.

The closure of the Chinese border was a severe blow to the North Korean economy


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The Korean resident said there was significant resentment towards the authorities and many believe that asking people to continue until 2025 is like telling them to “starve”.

The government has tried to blame external factors such as US and UN sanctions or natural disasters for the lack of food.

The country was badly hit by floods last year and there were floods and droughts in 2021 as well.

At the same time in April, authorities told people to prepare for a potentially worse situation than the Arduous March, as the famine was known in the mid-1990s, which killed millions of Koreans and up to 10% of the population to some reports.

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