Kim Kardashian Just Responded to Taylor Swift and Kanye West's Resurfaced ‘Famous’ Phone Call

Kim Kardashian finally weighed in on these new images of her husband, Kanye West and Taylor Swift on the phone in 2016, discussing her song “Famous” – well, sort of.

In case you get away from the internet socially over the weekend, this is what happened. New video footage from the phone call – where the two artists discuss the lyrics to the new West song “Famous” – has made their way online. Remember, the crux of the drama has to do with these specific lyrics to the song: “I feel like me and Taylor could still have sex / Why?” I made this dog famous. “

The additional footage appears to show that Swift did not know the word “bitch” would be used, something she has always claimed. West is also heard asking Swift to promote the single to its millions of fans. “I’m glad it wasn’t bad, however,” said Swift on the call. “It doesn’t sound bad, but like, oh my god, the build up that you gave her. I thought it was going to be like, ‘That stupid stupid bitch,’ like, but it’s not.” Swifties took this as a total justification for their favorite.

Kim Kardashian (who first mentioned that the images existed in a 2016 GQ interview, then published on Snapchat) did not directly comment on this latest development. However, she “liked” a revealing tweet from a fan account that said, “The video didn’t show anything new. We all knew it. I’m so confused right now.”

Swift has taken a similar approach by liking a number of Tumblr posts discussing the issue. One of them showed a sleeping baby and read, “How do I sleep at night knowing we were right all this time and now we have receipts to prove it.” Another said, “WHO SAID THE TRUTH ALL THE TIME?” with a photo of Swift showing up.

And this, my friends, is the last of a narrative that may never end.


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