Kissinger doesn’t see China as an immediate military threat to Taiwan

“I believe that the ultimate merger of Taiwan and China, the ultimate creation of China, is the goal of Chinese politics,” Kissinger told Zakaria, “as it has been since the creation of the current regime and probably in every Chinese government since Taiwan is considered a historical part of China that was forcibly taken away from Japan. This is exactly the situation Nixon and I were confronted with when we first came into contact with China. “

Kissinger said Biden was paralyzed by domestic pressures from entering the virtual summit – “Everyone wants to be a China hawk” – but said he saw evidence that Biden was trying to turn the US-China relationship into a more productive one Direction to steer.

“I think Biden has started moving in a different direction. That doesn’t mean China will give in; It’s about finding a level where we can talk about things that are known to be common knowledge, ”said Kissinger, who, at the age of 98, co-authored the new book“ The Age of AI: And. is our human future. “

Nixon surprised the world with a visit to China in early 1972, the first American president to do so since Mao Zedong established a communist government there in 1949. Nixon’s visit in 1971 was preceded by secret visits by Kissinger, then Nixon’s National Security Advisor. “We came to the People’s Republic of China with an open mind and an open heart,” Kissinger told Chinese Prime Minister Zhou Enlai at their July 9, 1971 meeting.

Half a century later, Kissinger said the relationship remained complicated, especially given China’s military strength.

“When I first went to China, it was a poor and weak and very assertive country,” he said. “Now it’s a pretty rich, pretty strong, and still pretty assertive country. But our challenge then and our challenge today is to find the relationship in which we can compete without driving the situation into a Holocaust. And that is a great challenge for both managers. “

Kissinger added: “The challenge with any conflict is not how to start it, but knowing how to end it.”

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