Kitchen flooded by 'mischievous' rabbit who blocks plug with soil

A “mischievous” rabbit managed to devastate the kitchen and flood the house while its owner was “pinched” – blocking the sink with soil and turning on the faucet while she chewed through 12 houseplants.

Pema Ferris had only appeared on Tuesday, May 18, but returned to “utter devastation” when she was greeted by a pool of water across her kitchen floor when the bunny pushed plants into the sink while trying to get her to eat.

A hilarious photo shows the continental giant Dorothea, who sat embarrassed on the kitchen counter she had jumped on to nibble on the potted plants – surrounded by mud, earth and a flooded sink.

The 24-year-old feared her beloved pet might have damaged the electrical system, but was more concerned that she had devoured plants poisonous for rabbits and was being taken to the vets.

The mother of one was relieved that her “naughty” bunny was still in good health, but she was faced with a “nightmare” cleanup that “ruined” the contents of her closets.

Photographs of the animal lover show her five-month-old bunny sitting on her countertop looking rather embarrassed while surrounded by the mess she’s made – including an overflowing sink and mud everywhere.

Pema of Radcliffe, Greater Manchester said, “I have only shown up for a while and have just come home to utter devastation.

“I opened the door and there was water all over the floor, the tap was running and the sink was full of dirt – it was a nightmare.

“All the plants that should have been on the windowsill were in the sink and the rabbit was on the windowsill instead of the plants – I didn’t expect to come home.

“At first I was really worried about the rabbit and all the devastation of ‘Oh my God, my kitchen – did the water get into the electrical system?

Pema with

“My other rabbit is the best educated in the world and he lured me into a false sense of security because he thought all rabbits were so good and then I got Dorothea.”

Pema said her beloved plants, including the poisonous aloe vera and the tomato plant that Dorothea ate, were placed on the windowsill so that her two rabbits could not reach them.

The bartender rushed to the vet to have Dorothea checked out and after waiting five hours, finally got home at 11.30pm, where it took her another two hours to clean up.

Pema said, “The aloe vera and tomato plant can be dangerous to rabbits so I had it checked out and luckily she was absolutely fine – no harm was done.

“There was a fair amount of water all over the floor, and there was a good puddle under the fridge, oven, and cupboards – a lot of the things that were in my cupboards were ruined.

Pema says that a lot of things were in her closet due to her rabbit's rampage

“She’s pretty naughty and mischievous and grows up to be a very large rabbit – she’s usually a good girl so I’m pretty shocked she did that.

“She’s banned from the kitchen now and the rest of my house is rabbit-proof already, so hopefully we won’t have any more accidents.

“But I will definitely not have any houseplants and for the time being they will be plastic plants, I think.”


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