Kitty Hawk Turns One’s Back On Its Flyer Project, Put Down Off Dozens !

Source: Forbes

Kitty Hawk and their flyer

Kitty Hawk is an American aircraft manufacturing company, primarily electric personal air vehicles. The Flyer was the company’s first project, which started in 2017. The team guaranteed to release the car in late 2017, even if it didn’t happen that way. The first prototype looked like a flying motorcycle, which eventually evolved into something more like a mix of drones and stunt planes. The company produced nearly 110 flyers and operated 25,000 manned and unmanned flights.

Source: Forbes

Future of Kitty Hawk’s Flyer

The company has decided to cancel the project after two years. This was because the company found it difficult to turn the project into a profitable business. All employees working under the Flyer project run away from the company. They all receive their 20 week salary along with their annual bonuses. The company even covers their health insurance for the year.

Upcoming project of Kitty Hawk

Kitty Hawk now only has one project under him, namely a project, Heaviside. The company plans to transfer very few of its employees Flyer in this project. Heaviside is a one-seater electric airplane that can take off and land vertically. The company claims it will be 100 times quieter than a helicopter. The company said, “In the future we will double Heaviside as our primary platform, but we would never have gotten here without the launch and learning of Flyer and the great team of people who built and managed it.”

Kitty Hawk Heaviside Flyer
Source: Kitty Hawk

Official announcement by Kitty Hawk

The company announced their plans through their blog. They tried to announce it positively and said, “In the past five years, we’ve done exactly this. We built and flew 111 planes. More than 75 people flew Flyer. We proved to ourselves that people could safely operate – and become a pilot – Flyer with less than two hours of training. In one day, we trained 50 new novice Flyer pilots, none of whom were licensed. In total, we have completed over 25,000 successful flights with and without crew with our Flyer fleet – a huge number. Most importantly, those who flew Flyer thought the experience was “magical.” The feeling of being in a human drone is hard to describe. For those of us who flew it, it changed our perspective on the power of flying forever. ”

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