Know 5 Such Claims And Their Truth From Experts. Only Elderly Women Are At Risk Of Breast Cancer And Breast Pain Is A Symptom.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there were 2.3 million breast cancer cases in 2020, which is 12% of the total cancer rate. Breast-related cases are among the highest cancer cases in women.

Today is International Women’s Day, learn from Dr. Ramesh Sareen, surgical oncologist at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, 5 illusions related to breast cancer and their truth …

Confusion: Breast cancer only occurs if someone in the family has had it before.

Truth: There is a family history of breast cancer risk. But it has been proven in many studies that the cases of women who have never had breast cancer are seen in the next generation of this cancer. So keep an eye on the symptoms and get a mammogram if you are suspected.

Confusion: Only older women are at risk for breast cancer.

Truth: This is not true at all. After menopause, women are more at risk for breast cancer. This does not mean that it will not develop cancer in young girls. The cases are seen more in women under the age of 50. However, it can occur in women of any age group.

Confusion: Breast cancer is the only symptom of breast cancer.

Truth: This is absolutely wrong. Many women have breast pain before their period. This pain also ends after the period is over. Sometimes this happens while breastfeeding a child. Therefore, this symptom is not a sign of breast cancer.

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Breast lumps, changes in the shape or skin of the nipples, hardening of the breast, prolonged healing of a wound here, and blood or fluid coming from the nipple are symptoms.

Apart from this, chest pain, lumps under the arms are also signs of breast cancer. While not every breast lump is cancerous, it is very important to get it checked out so that it doesn’t develop into cancer in the future.

Confusion: Deodorants and antiperspirants increase the risk of breast cancer.

Truth: This is the most common delusion that affects women. It is a misconception that the chemical breasts present in it increase the risk of cancer. This has not been proven in any research so far.

Confusion: Mammograms in breast cancer screening cause a lot of pain.

Truth: This is not true at all. A small amount of radiation is applied to the patient while the mammography is performed and there is no risk. Usually the risk increases after 40 years. Therefore, perform mammography once every two years at this age stage.

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