Kongsberg bow and arrow attack: Man goes on rampage in Norway with multiple killed

Norwegian police said a suspect was arrested after the attacks in Kongsberg on Wednesday evening and investigators are staying in the area

Norway: Rescue workers take part in the scene of the attack with a bow and arrow

A man landed on the verge of the rampage in southeastern Norway with a bow and arrow and killed several people.

The attacker reportedly opened fire on a Coop-Extra supermarket on the west side of Kongsberg on Wednesday evening.

Four people are believed to have died, one of whom injured a policeman who was shot in the back with an arrow.

Norwegian police have confirmed that a suspect was arrested following the incident.

An unspecified number of people were also injured in the attacks.

According to local media, emergency calls were made at 6:13 p.m. local time (5:13 p.m. GMT) reporting a person moving with a weapon.

A local journalist reports that the attacker shot a supermarket with arrows around 70 cm long.

Mayor Kari Anne Sand told TV 2: “This is a cruel incident, there is nothing more to say. Now we have to try to take care of the residents as best we can.”

She added that the area is called Vestiden and has apartments, shops and a university campus.

Police chief Oeyvind Aas told reporters at a press conference tonight: “The man was arrested … according to the information we have available, this person carried out these actions alone.”

“Several people were injured, several are dead.”

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Armed officers at the crime scene in Kongsberg after a man went on a rampage with a bow and arrow


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He did not want to comment on the exact number of victims and at that time avoided calling the incident a terrorist attack.

But he said the perpetrator moved over a large area in the center of the city, and then several witnesses came forward NRK.

The chief added that there is still a large police presence and Justice Minister Monica Mæland has been informed.

Several police units were deployed on site


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A police spokesman said helicopters and bomb squads and other emergency forces were on duty.

These came from the Oslo police district and national resources.

The suspect is said to be held in the city of Drammen, about 40 kilometers away.

A Kongsberg resident said NRK people near where the attacks took place should stay indoors.

Photos show armed police, emergency vehicles and barriers.

28,000 people live in the municipality of Kongsberg.

According to the latest data, this includes 127 British people.


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