Kylie Minogue in move home to Australia after 30 years living in the UK

Kylie Minogue is moving back to Australia after 30 years in the UK to be closer to her family and friends.

The Mirror reported exclusively the 53-year-old singer’s decision to return to her home country after the lockdown made her realize that she enjoyed spending more time with her family in Melbourne.

A source close to the pop singer said, “This is something she’s been thinking about for a while. When she was in Australia for extended periods of time this year due to travel restrictions, she had time to think about where she would like to be based.

“Like many artists, she spends much of her life on the street or traveling, so she doesn’t expect this to be a big change for her since she’s never in one place for long anyway.

“Covid has given her plenty of time to think about the future and she wants to see more of her family during the times she is not traveling. So she will use Australia as a base.”

In newly filed documents, the star has changed the service address for its four main businesses to an address in Hawthorn, a suburb of Melbourne.

The mirror reported that next to her parents Carol and Ron also her brother Brendon and her sister Dannii live in Down Under, as well as her nephew Ethan.

The decision to move marks a change that seemed unlikely last year. In an interview in September 2020, she felt that her boyfriend Paul Solomons doesn’t want to move.

Paul, 46, reportedly quit his job in London last month, which would allow him to spend more time in Australia.

The couple are in the UK right now as Kylie prepares to release new music. Her debut album Kylie was released 33 years ago.

The source added, “Her love for London and the UK remains unbroken and she will still be here a lot.”

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