Labour deputy leader calls on PM's ethics adviser to launch Hancock probe

Labor Deputy Leader Angela Rayner has called on the Prime Minister’s Ethics Advisor to investigate whether the UK Health Secretary has broken ministerial code following revelations over Matt Hancock’s alleged affair with an aide.

In a letter to Boris Johnson, Ms. Rayner said Lord Geidt, the independent ministerial interests advisor, should investigate Matt Hancock’s conduct.

The senior Labor MP explained Mr Hancock’s previous breach of the Code after declaring no interest in his sister’s company after being granted NHS contractor status: relationship with someone he personally at the expense of taxpayers as advisor and subsequently non-executive director of the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs.

“Such an omission appears to be yet another violation of the Ministerial Code which, in the circumstances, should certainly lead to his impeachment.

“If you are unwilling to act on your own initiative as Prime Minister, I urge you to instruct your independent adviser to immediately investigate the Minister of Health’s conduct and his apparent violation of the Ministerial Code.

“All documents, correspondence and the results of this investigation should be published in full.”

Vaccination Minister Nadhim Zahawi said he had “every confidence” in the health minister.

After a vaccine summit in London, Zahawi told reporters, “I have every confidence in Matt Hancock.”

When asked if he was disappointed with Mr. Hancock’s behavior, he said, “I’ve said everything I will say about it. He apologized. He’s focused on getting us that (vaccine) sprint, that big sprint by July 19. “

When asked if it is becoming more difficult for the public to obey the rules: “The Foreign Minister has apologized and said all he has to say and the Prime Minister has full confidence in his Foreign Minister and considers the matter settled.”


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