Labrador learns incredible new trick and changes life of deaf owner in heartwarming clip

Black Labrador Mila has found a heartwarming way to let her owner know when someone is calling her name and can even tell who wants her owner’s attention

Assistance Labrador learned an amazing trick to help out deaf owners

An assistance dog wowed viewers on TikTok after showing off an incredible new trick she learned to help her deaf owner.

The heartwarming clip from @milathearingdog shows how the three-year-old black Labrador Mila tells her owner that someone is calling her name.

Owner Mary Vanderbloemen from Texas, USA, explains in the subtitles of the video that Mila has learned a “name call alarm” and goes on to show how the clever puppy carries out this alarm.

When a friend calls Mary’s name behind the camera, Mila can be seen walking quickly to her owner and nudging her knee with her nose until she attracts her attention.

When Mary asks her what she wants, Mila uses Waggy-tail to show Mary who is calling by going back to her friend and bumping her knee hard.

Mila shows her new trick to warn her deaf owner if someone calls her


TikTok / @milatheearingdog)

The talented laboratory is a hearing dog, a type of assistance dog that is trained to make deaf or hard of hearing people aware of noises in their surroundings.

Mila also warns her owner of fire alarms, emergency sirens, falling keys and “a lot more,” says Mary, who told TikTok adoring Mila fans that she was “so proud” of Mila and that an assistance dog was “life changing”.

Over 60,000 people follow Mary and Mila’s uplifting TikTok account, which shows what it’s like to have a hearing dog, and Mila’s latest trick has been viewed more than five million times on the social media platform.

Impressed dog lovers were quick to praise the lab’s latest work. “She is so smart!” said one person over Mila’s name call.

“I’ve never seen this assignment before!” Commented another. “That is so cool.”

Mila isn’t the only dog ​​who has melted hearts on TikTok lately by showing how incredibly service dogs help their owners every day.

This German Shepherd amazed the audience after a video posted by @official_call_me_blue featured the well behaved puppy helping her US veteran shop in a busy supermarket.

Dog lovers have been amazed at Service Dog CC’s ability to get items off the supermarket shelves for their owner and even choose their favorite brand of coffee with ease.

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