Latest as Matt Hancock denies lying about Covid response

Matt Hancock has denied lying to Boris Johnson about the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

The health minister is grilled by MPs examining the government’s response to the global crisis.

It comes after the Prime Minister’s former chief advisor accused Mr. Hancock of lying and “catastrophically incompetent” to the Prime Minister about the plans for the Covid-19 coronavirus.

Last month, Dominic Cummings claimed Mr Johnson was furious to find that untested hospital patients had been discharged to nursing homes, claiming that Mr Hancock had told them both that the discharged individuals would be tested.

Mr Hancock has since turned down promising hospital tests for nursing homes and last month told the House of Commons that it would not be possible to test everyone who left the hospital at the start of the pandemic for social care as capacity was unavailable.

May 2020, Mr. Hancock said the government had “tried from the start to throw a protective ring around our nursing homes”.

When asked about the wording on May 18, Mr Hancock told the House of Commons: “We have absolutely given welfare a ring of protection, not least with the £ 3.2 billion worth of funds we invested right from the start with £ 600m in funding on Friday. “

But on June 6, 2021, Mr. Hancock told Andrew Marr that his comments on a “ring of protection” for nursing homes were said “much later” and “acted on what we did for the winter plan”.

This morning, Mr. Hancock will be questioned about allegations Dominic Cummings made before the Committee on Health and Social Affairs and the Committee on Science and Technology.

When asked by Science Committee Chair Greg Clark whether he had ever said something to the Prime Minister that he knew was wrong, Mr. Hancock simply replied, “No”.

We will bring you the latest updates if the Minister of Health has any further questions.

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